Dearest undecided voter

In a couple of days, you are about to pick this country’s next leader. You are going to vote for your next president. 

Now here’s what concerns me. Your president could end up being mine, too. So yeah, I give a damn. And this is where my little pitch comes in. This is where I try to egg you ever so gently but as persuasively as I can: Vote wisely. 

You may have an open mind up until this point. Or, you may have your slate already filled but are having second thoughts. Or, you may have your choices made but are still willing to listen to an earnest plea. 

As long as you’re not marching to polling centers wearing all orange and singing wowowee or carrying a picture of James Yap with you, spare a minute to hear me out. 

Consider the person who has shown he can lead this country out of its doldrums. 

Consider Richard Gordon


Sure, survey says Liberal Party standard bearer Noynoy Aquino will win this race. I mean, 22 percentage points away from his closest competitors? Even if the margin or error were a laughable plus-minus 10, he’d still be asking yakking sister Kris to pick out his inauguration outfit. 

And yeah, the intellectuals say Gibo Teodoro will win this one. Because apparently, Teodoro and his supporters have a monopoly on intelligence in this country. So you’re either pro-Erap or you’re anti-Erap; you’re pro-Noynoy or you’re anti-Noynoy; you’re pro-Villar or you’re anti-Villar. 

But you’re either pro-Gibo or you’re stupid. 

As Robert Jaworski loves to say: eh genius eh.


I don’t buy that. Why? Some of the more decently written blog posts around the net say Gibo makes the most sense and that his platform is exactly what we need in this country. Reread those posts again. It doesn’t even mention what Teodoro said that made a whole lot of sense. Or discuss his platforms. It’s like we just have to take their word for it because, well, they’re smarter than us, stupid. 

I have nothing personal against Gibo. My dear brother is for Gibo. And so are the brilliant minds in my profession. But in the industry I’m part of, even when teams pay scouts to take a look at prospects, they’d need more than just the scout’s word that “this prospect’s good” before agreeing to draft the player. 

Besides, let me tell you a story about Gibo Teodoro and it begins with two words: Typhoon Ondoy

* * * 

Besides, you’re voting for Gibo, you’re basically voting to extend the GMA administration. 

There’s no way around that. Gibo will simply toe his party’s line just as Villar will be GMA’s lapdog. See, Gibo may not be aware of it. He may think he’ll run the country as president. But I really believe he’ll just complete the equation of GMA and her cohorts controlling both chambers of the House without worrying about a vetoing president. 

Besides, if he’s really in control, someone explain Edu Manzano to me. 

And if Manzano was his choice, then he doesn’t sound like a very smart person to me. 

Or he really isn’t his own man. Or he isn’t smart. Either way, it doesn’t look right. 

* * * 

Forget Noynoy Aquino. 

Okay, you've done your job. you can go back to being irrelevant now.


All we really wanted to prove with Noynoy was how much we hated GMA. How GMA is worse than putting up with Kris Aquino’s hysterics. We rallied behind him so we could thumb our noses at arguably the worst president to ever set foot in Malacañang

You now what? We succeeded doing that already so enough with this NoynoyMania. He isn’t Cory, he isn’t Ninoy. The only similarities he shares with his parents, aside from lineage of course, is that his name cropped up at a time when the country feared for its future

We needed him to allay those fears. We needed him to send a message that we’re not going to quietly subject ourselves to a dictator again. 

We won. 

And now it’s time for us to fix this country and steer it to the modern world. 

* * * 

It’s not just that he wants to modernize our education. And I don’t think he’s cool just because he dances on YouTube or sucks used lemons during tequila shots. 

I really feel Richard Gordon is the leader this country needs. 

Wait, what used lemons?!


Yeah Gibo supporters, you don’t have to take my word for it. 

Let me point you to here

We need executives who will buckle down to work and lead by example instead of relying on rhetoric or lineage to power them to the presidency. 

Dick Gordon doesn’t care much for appearances. Heck, when he needed a running mate, he picked the least popular choice of all, former Marikina mayor and MMDA chief Bayani Fernando, the scourge of squatters and illegal sidewalk vendors. He could’ve selected a popular, good-looking personality to boost his chances. Because popularity-wise, Fernando stole major points from Gordon. 

But Gordon ran for president precisely to give this country a chance. And so he picked a vice president who would put on his hard hat, roll up his sleeves and get to work right away. Again, Gibo supporters, here’s proof

Nobody may have died during the exodus of the American naval base (save maybe for the dreams of a thousand bar girls and their pimps). But post-US Bases Subic was Gordon’s Ondoy. And guess what? He aced the challenge. He turned the former naval base into an international economic freeport zone that industrialized the area without sacrificing the lush, natural landscape there. 

In fact, the freeport seems to even pay homage to its natural habitat. 

Yeah, yeah, he plans to tax us 50 cents more for his project to modernize education and spare our kids from having to break their backs carrying heavy books daily. Wait. That’s not even a negative! Heck, that’s going to strengthen our public school system! 

Besides, how much of your entire friggin’ life do you lose if you send just two text messages instead of three?!  

And let’s not forget. He won’t use the extra income from the SMS tax on just Kindles

So he’s an arrogant SOB. 

But that’s just because he has big plans. It isn’t arrogance. That’s just us, as a people, dreaming in retail again. When people set high goals, we label them haughty. 

We admire the person who dreams of owning a sari-sari store for being a realist. The person who dreams of owning a mall? We say he’s full of hot air. 

But it’s embedded in our genetic code to dream in retail and despise the person with wholesale dreams. 

That’s what we hate Gordon for. And we hate him without knowing that we are actually hating our own cowardice. 

Put it this way: If you set your goals to No. 3 and you fail a notch, you end up at No.2. But if you set your goals at No. 10 and fail five notches, you’re at No. 5, which is still way better than being stuck down at No. 2. 

* * * 

There. I said my piece. You have about a day to argue with yourself if I made sense at all or not. 

But please. 

Think hard and think thoroughly. 

Think about how much we need to move forward as a country already. 

Think about substance, not appearances. 

Think about experience and leadership. 

Think about the amazed look on your child’s face when he/she brushes on on science via a Kindle. 

Think about Richard Gordon. 

Very truly yours, 

The (dumb) boy from Smallville 

* * * 

Oh, PS: 

Forget manny Villar. 

He’s a liar.


3 responses to “Dearest undecided voter

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  2. Wasn’t there anything written re used lemons/Christmas party ’06? I’m quite bothered by the fact that there is no link in that statement.

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